Murielle Pelletier is an Algonquian, who

sees all life as interconnected and believes

that harmony in life is important for our

overall well-being. She has two grown

sons and enjoys life with her husband in a

country home in Mississippi Mills, Ontario.

There she has a clear view of all the wild

life in the area, including song birds, black

bears, coyotes, wolves, foxes and deer.

Murielle notes she first came to know the

Lord when she was four. “I was born again

at fourteen and baptized in the Holy Spirit

at twenty-five. I have been led by the

Holy Spirit most of my life.” A member of

Glad Tidings Pentecostal church for twenty

years, she is an intercessor and skilled in

the gifts of the Holy Spirit to minister to

others. Her motivation for writing this

book was to share God’s Word and

transform people’s lives with a “message

that brings light, love and hope

to a hurting world”.