“You are just a choice away from a new and better life.”

Lessons From the Garden is a must-read for

those in need of a journey of deliverance

and healing. In it, author Murielle Pelletier

shares the important life and spiritual lessons

she has learned from her garden and from nature.

The most important of these, of course, is that we

shall reap what we sow. However, Murielle is

a born-again believer who has experienced

visions and is also able to provide deep

insight into our life’s purpose, responsibilities,

influence, and ability to move towards

eternity in God’s service.

For those searching for a new spiritual

perspective and concerned about the

dark times we are facing on Earth,

this book will provide tools, guidance,

and encouragement to make better and

more informed choices and live a

truly Blessed life in both the physical

and spiritual realms.